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Harmony Fish Passage

Harmony Fish Passage

Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) in coordination with the private landowner and irrigator who own and operate the lands and ditch affected by the project, studied fish entrainment in Harmony Ditch during the 2006 and 2007 irrigation seasons. WGFD estimated Harmony Ditch entrained 55,415 fish in 2007. From a landowner’s perspective, the problem was achieving the irrigation goals of the operation, without being detrimentally affected by the screening and passage goals of WGFD. WWC proposed a two-phase, irrigation-friendly design was initiated.  Phase I was to install the screening facility, and the second phase was to install a natural channel design grade control. WWC partnered with an expert in fish passage and screening, One Fish Engineering, and later with a natural channel design firm, 5 Smooth Stones to successfully complete the project.

Project Details:

Manderson, Wyoming

Wyoming Game & Fish


Engineering, Environmental, Surveying, and Water Resources

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