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Billings MetraPark Infrastructure Mapping

Billings MetraPark Infrastructure Mapping

For Yellowstone County and MetraPark, the problem was that infrastructure on the 165+ acre property had never been extensively mapped or assessed over its 90+ year history. As the infrastructure, including surfacing and utilities, is of varying ages and owners, the Client wished to determine an improvement plan and priority ranking for future projects. WWC realized that a stepwise approach to data collection was necessary to incorporate evidence of infrastructure identified in the field survey as well as empirical knowledge of infrastructure operations from Yellowstone County and MetraPark staff. Following data collection, WWC developed an objective approach to determining the current condition of infrastructure, to provide an unbiased assessment. WWC chose this approach to ensure that the maximum amount of information on existing infrastructure was collected during mapping activities and that the condition assessment was conducted to eliminate subjectivity that would decrease repeatability at a future time.

Project Details:

Billings, Montana

Yellowstone County, Montana

Industrial / Commercial and Infrastructure

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