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Strata Energy, Inc. Permit to Mine

Strata Energy, Inc. Permit to Mine

Strata Energy approached WWC regarding greenfield permitting of an in-situ uranium project through multiple state and federal processes. Strata required turn-key permitting services from the initial baseline data collection through execution of construction and uranium recovery operations. WWC evaluated state and federal guidelines for licensing an in-situ uranium project, developed a schedule to establish baseline, mining and reclamation plans, along with a host of other plans necessary for the multitude of permits required to conduct in-situ uranium mining. The schedule met Strata’s expectations upon which WWC executed the plans through eventual submittal of five significant permit applications (WDEQ-LQD Permit to Mine, WDEQ-AQD New Source Permit, WDEQ-WQD Class I UIC Permit and US NRC Source and Byproduct Materials License, US DOI-BLM Plan of Operations). The recovery operation has been operating since December 2015 and WWC had remained continually involved in both regulatory compliance and engineering capacities.

Project Details:

Oshoto, Wyoming

Strata Energy

Energy and Industrial / Commercial

Engineering, Environmental, and Surveying

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