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Apache Foundation-Ucross Land Company Water Rights

Apache Foundation-Ucross Land Company Water Rights

WWC evaluated the existing water rights for approximately 900 acres of Apache Foundation and Ucross Land Company properties and corrected any discrepancies found between the record data and the actual use of water. The results of the evaluation revealed the need for various petitions to change the point of diversion, means of conveyance, place of use and type of use of numerous water rights. Three petitions to the Wyoming Board of Control and two petitions to the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office (WSEO) were prepared to bring the systems into compliance.  WWC prepared and administered petitions of consent on behalf of 19 affected landowners, and all 5 petitions were approved in just over 1 year.

Project Details:

Ucross, Wyoming

Apache Foundation Ucross Land Company

Government and Industrial / Commercial

Engineering, Surveying, and Water Resources

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