Snowy Mountain Development Environmental Analysis

Snowy Mountain Development Environmental Analysis

Snowy Mountain Development Corporation (SMDC) is a non-profit organization with a board of directors representing both the government and the public at large. Its focus is community and economic development, including feasibility studies, planning grants, infrastructure projects, job creation, job retention, workforce training, business technical assistance (including business start-up, business plans, gap financing) and more. WWC determined the level of environmental health at sites to determine a path forward for cleanup and redevelopment. The project assessments and cleanups would help towards redevelopment of communities and incrementally improve the economies of the communities and region. WWC collaborated with SMDC to determine a preferred cleanup alternative or option that best served the needs of the community while achieving cleanup goals. WWC’s assistance helped support the mission of SMDC and the EPA to improve communities.

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Snowy Mountain Development Corporation

Engineering, Environmental, and Surveying

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